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h x n w r k *2017

Glitch Textures *2017


I am a Vienna and Constance City based photographer. I like to observe and to stage. Always oscillating between abstraction and concretion, but with different approaches. Most of my photography is influenced by a cynical view on everyday life. I have a passion in creating photographic caricatures and portraits that explore and reflect social issues and trends of visual culture. I also have a deep interest in philosophy and sociology, as they can be substances from which an artistic practice can be shaped.

This new section features portraits from Viennese artists. More portraits will be added in the future. I am very excited about the project because it embraces a magnificent art historical and photographic genre. Essentially, the portraits circulate in the tension between my subjective view of the artist and the photographic ambition, like a slightly open window, to reveal a hint of the artist's character through serial photography.

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