Spare me your 


"Hang in there", triptych, 2021


"Heavy burden", 2021

"Lost and lorn", 2021

"A brief moment of clarity", triptych, 2021

My ongoing series Spare me your sanity catalyses a moment of diffuse memories, an act with multiple causes. The work is inspired by personal impressions of a manic-depressive, demented, and later departed father and wants to tell about to the human being of a late modern society permeated by false promises of happiness and an incessant pressure to perform. An essential part of Spare me your sanity is the appropriation of private and public space for performance interludes, which I perform by myself and are photographed under my direction. As an anonymous recurring figure, I want to be an anomaly in the public sphere and embody both thesis and antithesis to social tendencies. In the performative act of the staged photographs, an almost schizophrenic multiplication of personality occurs. Here, the memories of my father mingle with the portraits of the ego-less; those individuals embraced by deceptive promises and silent compulsions.   


Article of Spare me your sanity

in Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine 

"Strange dog", 2021

"Spiritual connection", tryptich, 2021

"Backyard romantic", 2022

"Confessions", 2022

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