Through Day And Night


Through Day And Night is a conceptual work based on the idea to take photographs on a path which was once passed at day and once backward at night. The route I followed was defined, but my photography proceeded on impulse and spontaneously. Through Day And Night is also a photographic search for aesthetic form and structure. The series shows different segments and perceptions of the path that runs along the urban areas of Bielefeld as well as its parks and forests. As the time of day, degrees of light and dark, perspective and line of vision change, various different objects drew my attention.

The series is presented as a sequence of diptychs, creating dialogue within each piece, a dialogue which then spreads throughout the series thanks to the underlying patterns in place. Familiar elements and structures are easily identifiable, but with a bit of patience you can also grasp the work's chronological and narrative character.


The first six diptychs of Through Day And Night has been exhibited at 5 Académies in the gallery Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris 2019.


Exhibition views from "5 ACADÉMIES" at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris