Der letzte Mensch


Der letzte Mensch (The last human being) is a figure of Friedrich Nietzsche, which appears exclusively in his work Also sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra). The last human beings are those who inhabit earth at the end of time. Nietzsche frames a vision of the future of humanity in which he describes the individual as a cheery and airily person. The last human being is the overall satisfied here-and-now-inhabitant. They are the people for whom convenience and a long, steady life is more important than challenges and ambitions. With the last ones, the end of creativity would be decided and all goals which are stuck with struggle are threatened to fail.

The work follows the approach to portray a last human being of today. Through the photographic examination of cosiness and faith, the concept intends to express my interpretation of Nietzsche's aphorism. For the last ones of today, the only purpose is to fabricate the feel of happiness and positivity. With the avoidance of conflicts and the affirmative attitude towards the social present, they would be susceptible to various messages of salvation in times of grief. 

Der letzte Mensch was realized as a semester project of 2017.

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